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What is a coworking office?

A coworking office is an office that has several different businesses working alongside each other in one space. They have open plan workstations for hire and sometimes closed offices with shared access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, breakout areas and kitchen facilities.

But coworking offices aren’t just about the physical make-up of the office. It’s a style of working that brings businesses together in a community and encourages networking and collaboration between professionals. The offices are designed to reflect this attitude with relaxed styling and an overall mood that is more creative and less corporate than a serviced or conventional office.

Why would I choose a coworking space?

Coworking or shared working is right for you if you value interaction and a sense of community, first and foremost. They’re also great if you’re looking for flexible terms, short- or long-term contracts and reduced costs compared to a conventional lease.

Coworking opens you up to a whole world of potential collaboration. Maybe you’ll meet another business you could collaborate with on a new project or find another business who can recommend your services. These business benefits translate to HR advantages – coworking brings new faces and a great working atmosphere to an office. It’s fantastic for employee satisfaction to be able to chat with someone new over a coffee or bounce ideas off someone with a fresh take on a project. 

How do the billing and leases work?

When you rent coworking space, you pay one simple monthly membership which includes all costs – rent of the workspace, building outgoings, utilities, insurances, internet and bodycorp. 

The price will depend on the type of space you’re using within the coworking office. You could rent a dedicated desk, where you’re permanently set up at a desk in an open plan coworking area, or a cheaper option is hotdesking, where you bring your laptop and work from any spare desk in the open plan area each day. Some coworking offices have private lockable offices – a more expensive option but one which allows you to benefit from the creative community without sacrificing privacy or confidentiality.

Who uses coworking offices?

It’s a total myth that coworking is only for millennial entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. Although the flexibility and low cost makes them great for small businesses still finding their feet, there’s been a huge shift in the last couple of years and many large international businesses are famously taking up coworking space. In fact, 40 per cent of Office Hub enquiries about coworking now come from enterprise and corporate businesses. However, we would say that the vibe of coworking offices can be “millennial” in style – there’s an emphasis on creativity, communication and finding a work-life balance.

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