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Think global and work from anywhere with a virtual office

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is everything you get from an office without the physical office space. Let us explain – some professionals or businesses don’t need to work from a desk as maybe they operate out in the field or have space at home they can use. But they want a professional address to put on their website, commercial IT infrastructure to keep them productive and a receptionist to help answer calls, take messages, and handle mail. A virtual office is perfect for these people as that’s exactly what you get – plus there’s usually the option to pay extra for physical space as and when you need it.

Why would I choose a virtual office?

A virtual office is a great way to support your business with essential administrative and receptionist services while keeping costs low. They are great for businesses in practical industries or for professionals and small businesses working from home as they take care of day-to-day tasks for you, make sure you don’t miss a call and you know meeting or office space is available at a discounted rate when needed.

How do the lease terms and billing work?

When you lease a virtual office, you pay a monthly membership fee to a serviced office provider on a month-to-month lease. It’s the cheapest of any type of office because you’re not renting physical space – you’re just paying to use the address and the help of the on-site team. 

Virtual office providers usually offer different packages so you can choose the membership that most suits your needs. The packages vary from just the business address to use to the full services with part-time access to offices or meeting rooms.

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Although you’re not hiring physical space with a virtual office, it’s best to choose one in your location so you can pop in, pick up mail and use office or meeting room space when you need it.

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