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How we find the perfect office for your business

Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you to move into a new office: from the start of your search to the signing of a new contract, we are here to offer assistance and impartial advice every step of the way.

Finding office space can be a difficult task: you need to think about size, space, location, layout, furniture, facilities and, of course, budget. And you need to consider which type of flexible office you’re interested in: a serviced office, coworking office or shared office – which can get confusing. That’s why we start with imparting industry insight and personalised advice tailored to your unique situation and business needs. We’ll help you establish what type of office or workspace would be best for your requirements and offer guidance on the features and facilities of all our office spaces. As an impartial agent with none of our own office spaces, you can trust our advice to be genuine and unbiased. 

Once you’ve established what office you’re searching for, we can help take the task of finding suitable space off your hands. We’ll dedicate you an account manager in our local Singapore team who will shortlist office space for you and book inspections, so you can go and see what the office space is like in person.

After you’ve toured offices, we’ll catch up to find out if you’d like assistance in negotiating and working a great deal. We have exclusive industry access to preferential rates and excellent negotiation skills – if anyone can get you a price below the market rate, it’s us. The whole process is streamlined – on average, we find a tenant a new office space within just two weeks. 

As you can tell, our process is extremely different to the usual conventional method of leasing commercial office space. A conventional office lease usually involves a huge upfront deposit, thousands of dollars spent on real estate agents and lawyers and months spent negotiating the right terms.

We remove all those hefty costs and shorten the process to make your move to a new office so much easier. We act as your totally free-of-charge real estate agent and our professional contract template has been used to agree thousands of office placements all over the world.

So have a browse of our Singapore offices and, whenever you need advice or help or want to book a tour, get in touch. We’ll come back to you and offer as much or as little assistance as you would like. All the pressures and costs of traditional office leasing are removed and you’re free to concentrate on your business goals.

Move into a new office in 4 easy steps


Tell us what you need from your office are we’ll shortlist 3-5 suitable offices.


We coordinate with office owners and book your office tours at a time to suit you.


Our expert team gets the best possible price on the ideal office space for your business.


You move in and get back to doing what you do best!

Who is Office Hub?

We are a friendly team of people with extensive office knowledge on hand to help find office space that suits your business needs.

Search Singapore’s best office space

Looking for affordable office space or a high-end office? We have it all, here in one place on our website.

Which type of workspace is right for you?

We divide offices into one of these four key categories – explore the different types of office and find one that suits your business.

Office Hub Coworking


Collaborate and connect in a coworking office with plug-and-play spaces and a community of like minded people.



Seamless management and premium facilities – enjoy the support of an onsite service team in a corporate-style environment.

Office Hub Shared Space


Rent desks or space in someone else’s office for the perfect blend of flexibility, community and affordability.

Office Hub Conventional/Sublet Space


Sublet a conventional office for the image, identity and privacy of your own lease without the costs or commitment.

Office Hub Virtual Office


Think global and work from anywhere – a virtual office gives professional services and support without the physical office space.


There’s so much to think about when renting office space and we’re sure you have lots of questions. Check out our FAQs and if we still haven’t answered your question, get in touch!

No! Office Hub’s service is completely free of charge if you are looking for office space and yet we provide a premium service. Our service is and always will be completely free for tenants so don’t worry about being hit with hidden fees further down the line. There are no strings attached!

A flexible office is a workspace with an adaptable layout design which allows the owner to change the layout to suit the tenants. This means the owner can offer more flexible lease terms as their space can suit a wider range of businesses. The main benefits of a flexible office for a tenant is that the space is furnished and equipped with everything you need and you have the ability to upscale or downsize as you go. It’s a far more cost-effective alternative to leasing a conventional fixed and unfurnished office space.

Shared offices, serviced offices, coworking offices and virtual offices are all types of flexible offices.

Within each of these types of office, you have the option of a hot desk (where you bring your laptop and work from any free desk), a dedicated desk (all your stuff stays permanently set-up at your dedicated desk in an open area) and a private office (your own permanent private office room for one person or a whole team).

Shared offices, serviced offices and coworking offices are similar because they all house more than one business and are usually all set up with a combination of open-plan workstations and private offices.

shared office is usually let on the premise that the lead tenanting business has excess desks or spare space that it doesn’t need. You might share an open plan office space with the other business, or you might have a private office while sharing kitchen facilities and communal areas.

A serviced office is an office environment that is managed by an on-site team which helps with business services such as reception and admin support, mail-handling and call-handling. These services are usually included in the monthly rent of the office space. 

A coworking office puts an emphasis on the collaborative community in a shared office space. Coworking offices usually have on-site staff who encourage networking and collaboration between the different businesses and professionals who work there, with fun social events, business workshops and other creative activities.

A virtual office is everything you get from a serviced office apart from the physical office. You can work from home, or from anywhere, and benefit from a professional support team handling your calls and mail, as well as commercial infrastructure and a professional address to put on your business cards. This is the most affordable type of office and is usually charged on a monthly basis with the option to hire meeting rooms, conference rooms or desk space on top.

Simply fill out a “Book Tour” form and we’ll organise the tour with the workspace owner and be in touch with you to confirm the date and time. Be sure to use the multi-tour option if you’d like to see more than one space and we’ll line up your tours in the order that makes most sense. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at or give us a call on 1300 770 200 (Australia) and we can talk through what you need, recommend other offices and book your tours right there and then.

A workspace tour takes around 20 minutes and a member of the on-site team will meet and greet you, talk you through the different office or membership options and answer all the questions you might have. They’re casual yet informative, and there’s no better way to get a real feel of a workspace. We recommend touring several offices on the same day for the best comparison and to save time if for some reason your first choice doesn’t work out.

Great! Give us a call and tell us you’re interested – the faster we act, the more chance we’ll have of landing the office for you. We’re pros at handling commercial leases so you don’t need to worry about going wrong in negotiations: we’ll make sure you get your perfect office space at the best possible price.

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We’re here to help every step of the way – we’ll shortlist offices, book tours and work a great deal for you.