Your extra office space is full of cash – you just need the right tools to unleash it

Do you have a spare room at home, a few extra desks in your office or a whole commercial property to lease out? We make it easy to advertise and lease any kind of empty office space!

Any additional space you might have is cash waiting to be tapped into – as long as you can fit a desk, we can work with it! You can generate a very attractive income from leasing office space and we’ll help you price your space to meet the market. It could help you pay the mortgage off the property, cover some of the costs of your own office lease or even just go towards next year’s holiday. By sharing your office space with another company, you can make a great income while it’s still a cheaper office option for the tenant than a conventional lease.

Sharing your space has benefits beyond the monetary income, too. Adding new faces to your office or building creates a great atmosphere – you can meet new people and generate business opportunities alongside another likeminded company. Perhaps an accounting firm is the ideal office occupant for your law firm, maybe you can collaborate with the marketing company that moves in or you could possibly share mutual discounts with your sharing IT firm. Modern professionals perform best in a stimulating and inspiring working environment – and that’s the beauty of shared offices and coworking.

Tenants are looking for an office space like yours!

There are numerous reasons why a tenant would be interested in your extra space. A flexible office in the form of a serviced office, a shared office space or a coworking hub is a far more cost-effective and viable option than a conventional office lease. Conventional leases usually involve a large upfront deposit and thousands of dollars spent on real estate agents and lawyers to be locked into a space for 3-5 years. Your space, on the other hand, could be easily leased on a month-by-month, six-month or 12-month basis with cheaper overheads due to sharing the space that is only used part of the time, like meeting rooms, kitchens, reception areas and facilities. It might be fully furnished and set up with internet and telecomms, making the move-in process even easier. It’s a no-brainer for a company of any size – in three year’s time, your office requirements may have changed dramatically.

Whatever type of extra office space you have, someone is looking for a space like yours. It could be the ideal office for an ambitious entrepreneur, an exciting start-up or an established corporation. We get hundreds of enquiries every week from prospective tenants all over Singapore looking for an office in every imaginable location, style and budget. We might even already be in touch with someone who wants a space like yours.

We make it easy and affordable to lease office space

We handle all advertising and enquiries so you have nothing to worry about. You only need to get involved when we send a suitable interested tenant to look around your office space. Best of all, you don’t pay a thing until we successfully find a tenant for your office – Office Hub is a zero-risk, zero-stress way of advertising office space.

"Thinking about leasing office space? If you can fit a desk, we can work with it!"

Watch the video with Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, to find out how we help with leasing office space.

The rise of coworking

Working styles have changed: today’s young professionals require flexible offices that inspire and motivate.

Shorter leases with flexibility, exciting coworking atmospheres and plug-and-play workspaces to make life easy – this is what they’re looking for and we’re here to help you provide it.


Your office lease potential

Shorter leases and cost-effective offices have replaced costly conventional commercial leases.

And the sector is still relatively untapped by office owners – get a head start and offer your extra space to tenants today! 

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From empty space to full office in 4 simple steps

There’s a lot to think about with office leasing but don’t worry – we’ve done this before. We’ll talk you through all the options, costs and considerations, hook you up with providers and advise every step of the way.


Let’s get your office photographed, priced and looking great – it all starts with offering a well set-up office space.


We devise a tailored marketing campaign and advertise your space on all the top commercial
property portals.


We qualify every lead to make sure they’re perfect for your space, then book tours and collate feedback for you to see.


We work as the middle man to negotiate a great deal and we have a complimentary billing service to take the hassle off your hands.

Become a coworking success like Gravity

Key factors such as location, styling and fit out make a great coworking space but it’s not a success until it’s full and buzzing with happy coworkers. At Office Hub we know how to find the right tenants for your coworking space.

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